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Khalida Hussain (1938-2019) is considered to be one of those personalities of Urdu language and literature who have been in focus for the writers and researchers for their secretive life. Her private life and literary activities are not well known to people therefore there had been and will be a craving to know more about her. The present article is also an effort in the same direction which will shed some light on her literary life. It includes the scanned pictures and texts of two unpublished letters to Khalida Hussain from two renowned literary figures Muhammad Umar Memon (1939-2018) and Shams-ur-Rehamn Farooqi (1935-2020). The Article also provides their references and footnotes that would furnish some new information to the researchers, critics and readers of Khalida Hussain.


Dr Bibi Ameena

Assistant Professor,

Dept. of Urdu, International Islamic University, Islamabad


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Type: Article
Volume: 18
Issue: 18
Language: Urdu
Id: 63b025c2ab152
Pages 7 - 22
Published December 31, 2022
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