Imtezaaj, Urdu Research Journal, UOK - Karachi

امتزا ج

Department of Urdu, University of Karachi, Pakistan
ISSN (print): 2518-9719
ISSN (online): 2518-976X


  IMTEZAAJ is published twice a year. A maximum of Fifteen (15) research papers are published in each issue. This practice has been adopted as per HEC’s guidelines for research journals. Authors are requested not to submit their research papers to any other journal if once submitted to "IMTEZAAJ" till the time they receive any further information regarding the publishing of their paper/s. No papers by the same authors would be published in two consecutive issues. However, papers by senior researchers or the papers marked "extraordinary" by the reviewer/s may be published in consecutive issues. The home page will initially show three research papers published in the current issue. It is the prerogative of the chief editor to select these three papers. However, the home page will display all the papers published in the current issue, if readers desire so.  Papers not written/composed as per the guidelines for authors given at "IMTEZAAJ”‘s website, may not be processed further. Views expressed are not necessarily shown by the editor/editorial and advisory boards/ management of the University of Karachi.

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