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The love tale of Heer and Ranjha has been indisputably the much loved tale of  Punjabis through all the times since its inception. Persian was a language of great intellectual worth and the state language of sub-continent as well when this tale emerged and got fame. Some of the Persian poets, who travelled with the invaders coming from West, translated popular folks and tales of Punjabi in Persian poem. Using their own language as a medium and embracing the indigenous tales was a laudable effort. By this way, they earned a quick response from the locals and inspired many local poets to write this tale in Persian. This article is a brief introduction to poets who ventured this tale in Persian along with a comparative analysis of the tale, the characters and chronological order of the happenings.



Dr. Munir Gujjar

Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu and Oriental languages, University of Sargodha.


Dr. Imran Azfar

Lecturer, Department of Urdu and Oriental languages, University of Sargodha



Type: Article
Volume: 15
Issue: 15
Language: Urdu
Id: 60d4cdc3b5f7b
Pages 91 - 108
Published June 30, 2021
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