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امتزا ج

Department of Urdu, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
ISSN (print): 2518-9719
ISSN (online): 2518-976X

Gender discrimination in secondary level Urdu textbooks in Sindh province. Gender discrimination or inequality is to prefer one gender i.e. man or woman to another one. This behavior deeply affects the life of individuals.In this article, this point is discussed from different perspectives. The war of women rights in Europe, Islamic ideology regarding the equal rights of men and women, an embarrassment in the name of women rights in Pakistan, are the topics that are discussed in great detail. Moreover, there is a bunch of examples from different walks of life which speak about the inequality of men and women in their workplace.In the end, how the female writer's rights were stolen in the light of texts books, that are used to teach in various educational institutes have been discussed. Then few suggestions and directions are given on how one can get rid of this inequality and injustice.



Hera Shabbir

Research Scholar, Department of Urdu, University of Karachi



Type: Article
Volume: 14
Issue: 14
Language: Urdu
Id: 605d54a3c2068
Pages 7 - 17
Discipline: social Sciences
Published January 06, 2020
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