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Urdu literary journals do not have a strong tradition of condolence writings, but some journals have published writings on important literary figures who died in the contemporary era. In the early days of literary journals, condolence writings were occasionally published, but in later times this became the focus of attention. ‘Ma'arif’ and ‘Burhan’ paid constant attention to this. ‘Naat Rang’ carried on this tradition and more than one hundred condolence writings were published in it. ,These articles are related to the poets and writers who have had some work on Naat. This article sheds light on this.

Keywords: Sabeeh Rahmani, Naat Magazines, 'Naat Rang’, Naat poets, Condolence Writing, Literary Magazines, Deaths, Religious Magazines, Personalities, Tradition, History.


Dr.Abrar Abdulsalam

Controller of Examinations

Emerson University Multan,



Type: Article
Volume: 17
Issue: 17
Language: Urdu
Id: 62bdd66b89c6f
Pages 9 - 24
Published June 30, 2022
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