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محمد خالد اختر کی کردار نگاری میں تہذیب و ثقافت کی پیش کش

  • Dr Farzana Koukab/
  • December 31, 2022
Presentation of Civilization and Culture in the Characterization of Khalid Akhtar
Civilization and Culture, Social bitter realities, Psychology, Square Character, Round Character, Stereotypes, Frivolous Beliefs, Humor, Satire, Historical Consciousness, Karachi, Style of society.

Presenting any culture and society through its characters is a life-changing task for any artist. Character is the name of the inner state that brings about the process. Writers express their creativity through their characters. These characters can be square and simple as well as compllicated. Muhammad Khalid Akhtar through his humorous and satirical style and his characters have very successfully portrayed the Pakistani society especially the civic life, culture and attitudes of the people of Karachi. He is a mirror of Karachi's social life and way of life. His travelogues simply describe the civilization and culture of other cities in Pakistan.The secret of the successful presentation of civilization, culture and society in his novels and travelogues is undoubtedly the art of characterization.




Dr Farzana Koukab

Professor, Department Of Urdu, Bhauddin Zakriya University, Multan


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Type: Article
Volume: 18
Issue: 18
Language: Urdu
Id: 63b10d356b5cb
Pages 69 - 84
Discipline: Language and Literature
Published December 31, 2022


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