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Urdu Lughat (on historical principle is a lughat of Urdu Lughat Board that has been compiled in the light of historical principles is relied and liked owing to its comprehensiveness, research and diversity. Hence while compiling its lughat (on historical princples), this is prime obligation of Urdu Lughat Board to incorporate and follow such principles that have been devised by itself. Out of such principles, the leading one is to follow the historical principles themselves i.e. reference and its periodic reference but many of the words do not have old references for them. Dozens of such words have been used in Urdu lughat (on historical principles) which are not used but merely copied from previous dictionaries. Rasheed Hasan Khan was a versatile linguist, researcher, critic and having multidimensional vision and knowledge about dictionaries. His special interest in lexicography represents his command of language. This article aims at discussing objections from Rasheed Hasan Khan on urdu lughat (on historical principle) by urdu dictionary board.


Shehnaz Gull

Research Scholar, Department Of Urdu, University Of Karachi



Type: Article
Volume: 14
Issue: 14
Language: Urdu
Id: 605d939c48a1a
Pages 27 - 39
Discipline: Language and literature
Published January 06, 2020
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