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In Urdu poetry, Anwar Masood's name is a symbol of excellence and quality, especially in the form of that poetry which contains elements of humor, satire and irony. Humor in life is like a salt in flour. His poetry reflects civilization and the snags of society. Qatah Nigari (Stanza writing) is his specialty and of great importance. Anwar Masood is a great humorist and a comic poet whose style is unique. He has written spontaneous parodies. Elements of sarcasm and mirth reflected social issues, making him an imposing and unprecedented figure of all times. This article explains the unique style of Anwar Masood.



Zahid Majeed Amjad

PhD Scholar, Department of Urdu, Govt College University, Faisalabad



Type: Article
Volume: 14
Issue: 14
Language: Urdu
Id: 605d9049e590e
Pages 18 - 26
Discipline: Language and literature
Published July 01, 2020
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